Changes for our 2018 camp!

Our Week 1 camp this year is for ages 8-12, and our Week 2 camp is for ages 12-16. For Week 1, we’ll be taking 15 campers ages 8-9, and 15 campers ages 10-12.

Why the change?

There is a significant difference between our Week 1 camp and Week 2 camp in terms of song writing and school/life experiences. Everyone grows and matures at different rates, and at camp we like our campers to be in an environment that is challenging while also being comfortable. If you have a 12-year old camper that would benefit from an extra year in Week 1, that is available to you! If you have a 12-year old camper that would benefit from moving into Teen Week, that is also available. As a parent you have an option for 2018.

In addition, we will be holding camp in June!! July posed many heat related issues for our campers, volunteers, and instruments! We’re hoping June’s weather will be more kind.

Our June camp dates are:
Week 1 (Ages 8-12): June 18th-22nd

Week 2 (Ages 12-16): June 25th-29th.


All of us at Girls Rock Roanoke would like to give a huge THANK YOU to everyone who participated and donated on Giving Tuesday. We had a $2000 goal, and more than doubled that as a result of your generosity! We were fortunate enough to have an amazing local business, Stage Sound, provide a $1000 […]

Annual Camp Concert